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I consider myself a learner for life. I am always excited to learn new things and hope to never lose this excitement.

If anyone wishes to contact me privately, I have an email address you may access:

A page devoted to my namesake (on another wiki) "HMcCoy".

New speed record today, guess no one else is on campus!

388.87 Mps!

A picture of my Geometry Math Mission. Although there are 19 Mission Foundations, my picture only shows 15 blue squares. The missing four are the last four mission foundations on our Geometry Math Mission.

MF only 15 blocks

My favorite pages

  • I like Tesla. Very interesting. Looking forward to information about the other Black Hole Badges as it becomes available.

Favorite Subject 1A

Favorite Subject 1B

F. Song: Sym 7, Mvt 2, Allegretto

F. Book: The Stand

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