The Recognizing fractions 2 exercise is under the 3rd grade (U.S.) Math Mission. This exercise has the user experiment with fractions as a part from a whole using a visual model.

Types of Problems

There are two types of problems in this exercise:

  1. Write the amount shaded: This problem provides a shaded diagram and a standard equal-sized cut in the picture. The user is asked to identify the shaded amount and write it in the space provided.

    Write the amount shaded

  2. Select the correctly shaded picture(s): This problem provides a beginning unit picture and a fraction. Users are asked to select all pictures that display the amount requested.

    Select the correctly shaded picture(s)


This exercise requires knowledge of fractions as numbers of denominations. A geometric understanding of fractions, although not vital, would assist in speed and efficiency for accuracy badges and speed badges on this exercise.

  1. The fraction does not have to be reduced to get credit on this problem.
  2. The value of the fraction can be provided as an exact decimal which can assist with efficiency.
  3. Occasionally it is easier to count the unshaded pieces rather than the shaded pieces if it is close to a whole number.

Real-life applications

  1. Fractions are used in real life in lots of different ways, but are commonly used in cooking, construction and science.
  2. There are many situations where visual fractions come up in situations where sharing is required (i.e., splitting a candy bar other food items).
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