Is Sal
Is Sal
Be Salman Khan
Type Black Hole badge
Energy point(s) awarded 100,000,000
Status Unique

Is Sal is a Black Hole badge. To earn it, the user has to be Salman Khan – the founder of Khan Academy. Sal exclusively received 100,000,000 energy points as the owner of the Is Sal badge. The badge can be found here on Khan Academy.


  • Unfortunately, it's not possible for other users to receive this badge by simply changing their username and their avatar to match Sal's.
  • As the name states, it's clear that the only user who can acquire this badge is Salman Khan himself.
  • Sal has infinity energy points. It's because he's so important. We want him to stand out.

The badge Is Sal in Salman Khan's showcase.

  • The 100,000,000 energy points Sal has from this badge would alone be enough for a normal user to be in 4th place on the energy points leaderboard. This means that the energy points earned from this badge are more than the account total of all but 3 normal Khan Academy users.

Notable person with this badge

  • Sal is the only user with this badge.
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