The Geometry Math Mission was a set of skills on Khan Academy, but got renamed to High school geometry Math Mission. This mission consisted of foundation material and many topics.

The Geometry dashboard

Mission Specifics

Mission Foundations

  1. Coordinate plane problems in all four quadrants
  2. Multiplying and dividing negative numbers
  3. Volume word problems with fractions and decimals
  4. Multiplying decimals 3
  5. Equivalent expressions with distribution and combining like terms
  6. Identifying terms, factors, and coefficients in expressions
  7. Simplifying square roots 2
  8. Slope-intercept equation from two solutions
  9. Equations with variables on both sides
  10. Area and circumference of circles
  11. Exponents
  12. Evaluating expressions with variables word problems
  13. Equations of parallel and perpendicular lines
  14. Solving proportions
  15. Slope intuition
  16. Finding area by composing and decomposing shapes
  17. Volume with fractions

Tools of geometry

  1. Recognizing rays, lines, and line segments
  2. Drawing rays, lines, and line segments
  3. Points, lines, and planes
  4. Geometric definitions

Angles and intersecting lines

  1. Measuring angles
  2. Angle types
  3. Vertical angles
  4. Equation practice with vertical angles
  5. Congruent angles
  6. Parallel lines 1
  7. Equation practice with congruent angles
  8. Line and angle proofs
  9. Finding angle measures 1
  10. Finding angle measures 2
  11. Angles of a polygon
  12. Complementary and supplementary angles
  13. Equation practice with angle addition


  1. Exploring rigid transformations and congruence
  2. Defining congruence through rigid transformations
  3. Reason about the triangle congruence postulates
  4. Congruent triangles 1
  5. Congruent triangles 2
  6. Recognizing triangle types
  7. Triangle angles 1


  1. Exploring angle-preserving transformations and similarity
  2. Defining similarity through angle-preserving transformations
  3. Similar triangles 1
  4. Similar triangles 2
  5. Determine whether triangles are similar using the AA criterion
  6. Determine whether triangles are similar using the SSS criterion
  7. Solving problems with similar and congruent triangles
  8. Angle bisector theorem

Right triangles and trigonometry

  1. Pythagorean theorem
  2. Pythagorean theorem word problems
  3. Pythagorean Theorem proofs
  4. Special right triangles
  5. Trigonometry 0.5
  6. Trigonometry 1
  7. Trigonometry 1.5
  8. Trigonometry 2
  9. Applying right triangles
  10. Trigonometric functions and side ratios in right triangles

Perimeter, area, and volume

  1. Area of triangles
  2. Area of triangles 2
  3. Shaded areas
  4. Triangle inequality theorem
  5. Radius, diameter, and circumference
  6. Area of a circle
  7. Area of parallelograms
  8. Area of trapezoids, rhombi, and kites
  9. Area of quadrilaterals and polygons
  10. Nets of 3D figures
  11. Surface area using nets
  12. Surface area
  13. Solid geometry
  14. Surface and volume density word problems
  15. Volume word problems with cones, cylinders, and spheres
  16. Slicing 3D figures
  17. Cross sections of 3D objects
  18. Rotate 2D shapes to make 3D objects


  1. Circles and arcs
  2. Areas of circles and sectors
  3. Inscribed angles 1
  4. Central, inscribed, and circumscribed angles
  5. Pythagorean theorem and the equation of a circle
  6. Equation of a circle in factored form
  7. Equation of a circle in non-factored form

Special properties and parts of triangles


  1. Quadrilateral types
  2. Quadrilateral angles


  1. Perform translations
  2. Perform rotations
  3. Perform reflections
  4. Perform dilations
  5. Find the translation that maps a given figure to another
  6. Translations
  7. Defining rotations (interactive)
  8. Draw the image of a rotation about the origin
  9. Draw the image of a rotation about an arbitrary point
  10. Defining reflections (interactive)
  11. Draw the image of a reflection
  12. Advanced reflections
  13. Qualitatively defining rigid transformations
  14. Symmetry of two-dimensional shapes
  15. Dilations
  16. Draw the image of a dilation
  17. Find the dilation that maps a given figure to another (basic)
  18. Find the dilation that maps a given figure to another (advanced)
  19. Precisely defining rigid transformations

Analytic geometry

  1. Geometry problems on the coordinate plane
  2. Coordinate plane word problems with polygons
  3. Distance formula
  4. Midpoint formula
  5. Dividing line segments
  6. Equations of parallel and perpendicular lines
  7. Distance between point and line

Geometric constructions

  1. Compass constructions 1
  2. Compass constructions 2
  3. Inscribing and circumscribing circles on a triangle
  4. Constructing a line tangent to a circle

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