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Fractions Game Contest Winner
Fractions Game Contest Winner
Created a winning program for the Fractions Game contest.
Type Sun badge
Energy point(s) awarded 1000
Status Unique

Fractions Game Contest Winner is an Sun badge. To earn it, the user had to create a new program helping learners to understand fractions. Fractions Game Contest Winner was a reward of the Fractions Game Contest, in which participants joined and created great interactive apps for Khan Academy and became the winner. You can find this badge here on Khan Academy.

About the Fractions Game Contest

Fractions are hard to understand at first. What sort of game could you make to help learners understand them? Spin-off this program, make a game by June 27th, 2014 and the coolest will get a badge and maybe more...!
  • Judges: Pamela & Justin
  • Every single program was judged and looked onto by Pamela herself. Judging was not based on the number of votes.

About the winner

Matt became the winner of Fractions Game Contest with his RECIPROCAL: The Game.

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