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Old profile page energy points view

The new profile page energy points view, along with the Streak bar

Energy Points is an incentive on Khan Academy, given for completing skills, completing programming challenges, earning badges, watching videos, participating in discussions and a variety of other tasks. Before Khan Academy's new layout in 2012, the number of Energy Points that a user currently had were invisible at any page in Khan Academy. With the new profile page, users can hover over someone's name on comments and programs or go to a user's profile to see their total Energy Points. However, there is no real value for energy points. They are literally worthless in real life.

How Users Can Get Energy Points:

  • Users can get 1500 (or 2100) energy points for completing a computer programming challenge in the Computer Science section. The difficult ones usually give more energy points.
  • Users earn 750 energy points for each video watched for the first time plus 100 bonus points for completion. The bonus points do not appear on the activity/progress chart but are added to the user's running total.
  • Users now earn 100 energy points for each video watched for the second or more times. Minutes also accrue towards a listener badge like Nice Listener.
  • Users can get 75 energy points for each problem answered correctly in a skill the first time they practice it.
  • Users can get 50 energy points for each problem they answer correctly in a mastery challenge.
  • Users can get 5 energy points for each problem they answer correctly in a skill they have already practiced. They will also get 100 points for completion of that particular quiz.
  • Users can also get additional energy points from earning badges like Da VinciWhich is now retired.
  • And from watching part of a video.(Which gives you 850 energy points for completing the video). 750 energy points originally but plus an extra 100 for completing the video.

Currently, users can now see their energy points on the new personalized homepage, Learning Dashboard or in their User profile, to the left of the badge count.

Users can view their energy points on their profile page

 Badges associated with Energy Points: