No. User Energy points rounded No. Behind rounded
1 Area 51 * 1,015,000,000 N/A
2 dabbel * 725,200,000 289.8M
3 jeff lowe * 144,700,000 884.3M
4 Anthony Jacquez * 124,000,000 891M
5 Mohit Sahoo * 121,200,000 893.8M
6 Deivison Takatu * 101,400,000 913.4M
7 Marvin Cohen 70,400,000 944.6M
8 John Henson * 59,900,000 955.1M
9 Light Runner 58,300,000 956.7M
10 Kevin W * 52,600,000 962.5M
11 'Shawn Stanley * 50,600,000 964.4M
12 Anthon van der Neut * 50,300,000 964.7M
13 Diogo Furtado de Moura * 48,700,000 966.1M
14 Edward * 46,500,000 969.7M
15 Goldleaf * 46,400,000 969.8M
Total Points Average/User
2,664,600,000 177,640,000


* Denotes individuals presumed to have cheated or exploited glitches for the majority of their points.


  • Energy Points will be rounded to the nearest hundred thousand.
  • This leaderboard denotes the top 15 users on Khan Academy with the most energy points.

Energy Point Leaderboard (without cheats)

No. User Energy points rounded No. Behind rounded
1 Light Runner 37,600,000 N/A
2 KEVIN 33,500,000 4.1M
3 TJ 22,300,000 15.2M
4 Wudaifu 21,800,000 15.8M
5 Alexander Kokin 20,700,000 16.9M
6 Anthon van der Neut 20,000,000 17.6M
7 Kati Susanna 20,000,000 17.6M
8 Diogo Furtado de Moura 20,000,000 17.6M
9 John Roach, Jr. 19,500,000 18.1M
10 Alois 19,200,000 18.4M
11 Raymond Greenwood 18,300,000 19.3M
12 trek 17,400,000 20.2M
13 J Helston 17,200,000 20.4M
14 FTB 17,100,000 20.5M
15 Blaze Runner™ 16,300,000 21.3M


  • In order to promote a leaderboard that doesn't encourage cheating in any form, this leaderboard showcases an estimate of the user's totals excluding any form of cheating or things that might be considered illegitimate.
  • This means looping videos, energy point grinding, energy point management, spinoff bots, scripts, and glitches are NOT included in these totals.
  • I have also excluded all users who do not have their badges public. It is easy to tell if a user has cheated for points if they have low badge counts but high points. If a user's badge count is private, I cannot verify whether or not they have cheated for points. Therefore, users such as David Mayrose, Chris Fedele, and Marvin Cohen are not included.


Every effort will be made to update the leaderboard weekly. If you would like to assist with keeping this list up-to-date by pointing out a new profile, please leave a message here. Also, if you learn, you might be in the leaderboard in no time!

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