The Differential Calculus Math Mission is a set of skills on Khan Academy. This mission consists of the standard skills from a Differential Calculus course.

Mission Specifics

Mission Foundations

  1. Comparing features of functions
  2. Adding and subtracting rational expressions 7
  3. Modeling with composite functions
  4. Manipulating formulas
  5. Modeling with periodic functions 2
  6. Graphs of trigonometric functions
  7. Identifying slope of a line


  1. Finding limits numerically
  2. One-sided limits from graphs
  3. Two-sided limits from graphs
  4. Two-sided limits using algebra
  5. Two-sided limits using advanced algebra
  6. Continuity
  7. Limits at infinity where f(x) is unbounded
  8. Limits at infinity where x is unbounded
  9. Squeeze theorem

Taking derivatives

  1. Special derivatives quiz
  2. Slope of secant lines
  3. Tangent slope is limiting value of secant slope
  4. The formal and alternate form of the derivative
  5. Derivative intuition
  6. Recognizing slope of curves
  7. Graphs of functions and their derivatives
  8. Visualizing derivatives
  9. Symbolic differentiation
  10. Power rule (basic)
  11. Power rule (advanced)
  12. Special derivatives
  13. Chain rule on two functions
  14. Chain rule on three functions
  15. Product rule
  16. Quotient rule
  17. Combining the product and chain rules
  18. Implicit differentiation
  19. Derivatives of inverse functions
  20. Logarithmic differentiation

Derivative applications

  1. Applications of derivatives: Tangent and normal lines
  2. Applications of derivatives: Motion along a line
  3. Critical numbers
  4. Extreme values from graphs
  5. Extreme value theorem
  6. Recognizing concavity
  7. Concavity and the second derivative
  8. Second derivative test
  9. Optimization
  10. Applications of differentiation in biology, economics, physics, etc.
  11. Related rates
  12. Mean value theorem
  13. L'Hopital's rule
  14. Local linearization

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