Contest: Retro Game
Contest: Retro Game
One of the top winners of the Retro Game contest of 2016.
Type Sun badge
Energy point(s) awarded 200
Status Retired

Contest: Retro Game is a Sun badge. To earn it, the user had to be one of the top winners in the Retro Game Contest of January - March 2016. This badge can be found here on Khan Academy.

Contest results:

  • Advanced bracket
    • Contest Entry: Space Invaders, By Davide Cossu
    • Super Mario Land, By ( ┛NeonByte )┛彡┻━┻
    • Retro Contest: Asteroids, By Larry Serflaten
    • 1K ZX Chess, By Bob Lyon
    • Zaxxon--Playable Level, By Justin N
    • Pac-Man, By joel
    • Zork Style Game, By Aidaвaιda - Watchman Studio
    • Air Hockey, By AlexT
    • Mirgan, By Matthias (Soli Deo gloria)
    • Pac-Snake!, By Captain Cryptic(Check out my games!)
    • Soko-Ban (a.k.a. Sokoban), By Blue Leaf
    • Rampart, By Pranav Patil
  • Intermediate bracket
    • None
  • Beginner bracket
    • Retro Game:Night Driver, By James Fleming
    • Pac Man, By mbalf
    • duck hunt 0.9.1, By Jay Runyon
    • Computer Space - 1971, By Pigs!!
    • Contest Snake, By FadingPixel
    • Atari Breakout- Retro Game Contest, By Today Is Yesterday
    • Pac-Man Dodge, By ✰ᗩᗯᕮᔕ〇ᙢᕮ ᗩ!¡©✰
    • Pacman Breakout Invaders, By Bethany
    • HexaSnake, By Sy
    • The Artillery Game, By Isaac R.
    • Cloud Fight!, By Willy'sWaffles (GOLDENBUTTON)
    • Contest Entry: Retro Game (Breakout), By Logan St. Michaels

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