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Contest: Fantasy Race Car
Contest: Fantasy Race Car
One of the top programs in the fantasy race-car coding contest of 2015.
Type Sun badge
Energy point(s) awarded 200
Status Retired

Contest: Fantasy Race Car was a sun badge. To earn it, the user had to have one of the top programs in the Fantasy Race Car Coding Contest of Summer 2015. You can find this badge here on Khan Academy.

Contest results:

  • Advanced bracket
    • Leef Car, By DY
    • My Futuristic Fantasy Race Car, By Virus
    • Giant cat, By charkittycat
    • Rocket shoes, By Picklestuff
    • Miami Car 90s, By chambre02
  • Intermediate bracket
    • Interactive Vehicles, By Bersalon
    • Winstons Great Race, By truth.ojo
    • Car 76, By Janet Parker
    • The KhanMobile SmartCar, By Nicole Whelan Smith
    • Ice cream van, By Adam
  • Beginner bracket
    • Space Unicorn, By Matthew H.
    • Very Berry, By Alliana
    • Destroy Oh Noes, By Lucas Xia
    • Hippie Van, By Niklas Bergman
    • Why did the cow cross the road?, By Gregory Buck

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