Contest: Emoji Maker
Contest: Emoji Maker
One of the top programs in the emoji maker contest of 2015.
Type Sun badge
Energy point(s) awarded 200
Status Retired

Contest: Emoji Maker is a Sun badge. To earn it, the user had to have one of the top programs in the Emoji Maker Coding Contest of Summer 2015. You can find this badge here on Khan Academy.


Emoji on G2 by @trekcelt, one of the winners.

Contest results:

  • Advanced bracket
    • Emoji on G2, By trek
    • Winston Emojis!, By Savageookwolf
    • Animojis, By MCWidget
    • Minecraft Emojis, By Chris X.
    • Emoji Maker - "¡Hola Inframundo!", By James Winkler
    • Selfie Emoji!, By Dip Mahato
  • Intermediate bracket-Makers/Typers
    • Emoji Maker, By Δανιαλ Αημαδ (Read Bio)
    • Emoji Screen Designer, By DenJackson(OFFLINE)
    • Customizable Emoji (With Messages), By DY (
    • CE: Emoji Keyboard (done, todos in progress) , By Scott Schraeder
    • Text Messages with Emojis, By Charlotte Auen
  • Beginner bracket
    • Chocomoji, By Meg
    • Spin-off of "Contest: Emoji Maker", By Heather Nuffer
    • KCF's Emojis, By Lucius (
    • My Emoji, By var I\/I {E} === I\/I {E};
    • Frustrated Emoji , By IceSerpent

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