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Contest: Code-a-Character
Contest: Code-a-Character
One of the top winners of the "Code a Character" contest of June 2015
Type Sun badge
Energy point(s) awarded 200
Status Retired

Contest: Code-a-Character is a sun badge. To earn it, the user had to have one of the top programs in the Character Coding Contest of Summer 2015.

Contest results:

  • Advanced bracket
    • Iron Man, By Supernova
    • A Friendly Robloxian Guest, By Music Gal
    • Minecraft Wolf, By Alex
    • Clone Trooper, By CT-2/002-24
    • Cave Johnson, By «˚˙£ÚK€-🔘-C卄ɐᔆ∑˙˚»›
  • Intermediate bracket (originals)
    • Derek, By Splo
    • EITaS, By The #1 Base 12 Proponent
    • Baguette Boxer, By FUSION BLAST
    • Bella Rosa, By Lizzy
  • Beginner-ish bracket
    • Eggman, By KWC
    • Randall, By Coufesy
    • Boo, By Lily
    • Mouse-over Yoda, By Guillaume
    • Lapis Lazuli, By Abigail
  • Beginner bracket
    • The Joy of Learning to Code, By Jasmine
    • Val Hallen, By Ash
    • Homer Simpson, By Here for learnings
    • Snow White's Mother, By Karen
    • Daeneris, By Lilith

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