Contest: Celebration
Contest: Celebration
One of the top programs in the Celebration contest of 2015.
Type Sun badge
Energy point(s) awarded 200
Status Retired

Contest: Celebration is a Sun badge. To earn it, the user had to have one of the top programs in the Celebration Contest of Summer 2015. This contest was the last contest in the Summer of Scripting, a program that taught users how to program with JS over the Summer of 2015. This badge can be found here on Khan Academy.

Contest results:

  • Advanced bracket
    • Spin-off of "Contest: Celebration!", By ◊†Jαck P.†◊
    • Khan Academy Slideshow, By AlexT
    • Balloon Popper!, By Blaze | CT-2/002-24
    • Winstons Party Run, By Fow1
    • Don't Crash the SoS Party!, By The #1 Base 12 Proponent (Bio Updated 9/10)
  • Intermediate bracket
    • Cake Catcher Game!, By ♰☆Luke☆♰ (see my bio)(Rangers Of KA) ( Copy Slayers)(Kat Klub)(Book Club)
    • Spin-off of "Contest: Celebration!", By Srakoper
    • A Big Avatar Party!!!, By {[]😃JulianPenguin🚅[]}«|¦|Anti 'Virius'|¦|Team Radical|¦|Copy Slayers|¦|»
    • Customizable Party!, By anastasia.neda.christensen
    • SoS Confetti Maker!, By The #?? ANTIVIRUS Proponent
  • Beginner bracket
    • Party Mode!!! (Create a Party with a few clicks), By Raki Thomaston
    • All the things Coders learned, By kalebkim1939
    • Celebration Hyper-Games, By aiil
    • Let's Celebrate Together!, By Rubaiyat Tasnim Adwitiya
    • Cup-Cake Maker!, By Jade K

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