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Code Editor (left), Preview Window (right), Discussion (bottom).

The Computer Science section of Khan Academy is a Computer Science learning environment based on John Resig's Processing.js. This combination of JavaScript and Processing.js is unique to Khan Academy. Its layout consists of 2 columns, a code editor and a preview window; the tutorials consisting of audio, graphics (much like the math YouTube videos) in the preview, and editing the code.

The tutorials are still in progress, although the basic code editing and preview capabilities are finished. These tutorials are in two main categories, KA-P.js commands and general programming techniques. Tutorials covering KA-P.js commands are far from complete, as overuse of draw loops are still encouraged at this level, though the drawing commands are well documented . The general programming tutorials range from simple variable declarations to the most recent tutorial, Object-Oriented Programming.

In addition to watching tutorials, users can also:

  • Create their own programs using knowledge from the tutorials and programming challenges
  • Spin-off from another program
    • User can compete in Pamela's contests for a chance of winning a Golden Winston, a special Sun badge
    • The spinoff function lets users take another person's program, modify it, and save it as their own
    • Spin-offs can be found at the bottom of the page, under the Spin-offs tab
  • Ask a question, which can be done by typing in a question in the Questions tab
  • Answer a question
  • Comment on a question, answer, or tip
  • Post a tip or some feedback about the program in the Tips and Thanks tab
  • Upvote or downvote a question, answer, or the program itself (now only upvote).
  • Flag a question, answer, or the program itself
  • Share the program
  • Browse other programs by clicking Browse Programs
    • There are actually four lists to choose from when browsing programs, which are:
      • The Hot List - New programs with a considerable amount of upvotes
      • The Spotlight - Programs created by the KA staff
      • The Top List - Programs that have amassed many votes and spinoffs (specifically, the most voted programs on Khan Academy)
      • The Recent List - Programs that have just been created

To help new users, users may also look in the Documentation tab, which contains a simple reference guide.

Example of Down-Voting

Computer Science Links

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