Type Black Hole badge
Energy point(s) awarded 200000
Status Available

Atlas is a Black Hole badge. To earn it, the user has to achieve mastery in a certain number of exercises. This badge motivates users to become proficient by practicing more exercises, especially Math ones. There currently aren't enough skills on Khan Academy to earn the badge. It is possible that the user would need to achieve mastery in 1,500 exercises; for there are currently 1,498. Either way, it is currently impossible to earn it. You can find this badge here on Khan Academy.

New Information:

As of February 11, 2016, Peter Collingridge stated that Atlas will most likely never be available to the public. "From what I can tell Atlas has been retired, so (it) will never be possible to get."

Similar badge(s)


  • Atlas gives 200,000 energy points, the same amount of energy points as Da Vinci but users have to do much more to acquire it.
  • Currently, only Sal Khan and Ben Eater have obtained the older version of Atlas.
  • The badge is named after Atlas - the primordial Titan who held up the sky in Greek mythology. He is also the titan of astronomy and navigation, and the titan general in the titan war.
  • Atlas used to only require 500 skills, but the skill requirement was increased once Khan Academy reached 500 skills. It was once thought that the requirement might be 1000 skills, however, several users have more than 1000 skills mastered and yet the badge has not been awarded.
    • This may mean that if it requires 1500 skills, but if it increases to 2000 once Khan reaches 1500 that means it will be impossible to earn it.
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