Artisan I Algebraist
Artisan I Algebraist
Achieve mastery in Equations with variables on both sides, Systems of equations, Multiplying expressions 1, Even/Odd fx, Inverse fx, Line slope, Midpoint F., Line Relat., Functions 3
Type Moon badge
Energy point(s) awarded 750
Status Retired

Artisan I Algebraist is a Moon badge. To earn it, the user had to achieve mastery in several certain exercises:

  • Equations with variables on both sides
  • Systems of equations
  • Multiplying expressions 1
  • Even and odd functions
  • Inverse functions
  • Line slope
  • Midpoint formula
  • Line relations
  • Functions 3

This badge motivated users to become proficient by practicing more exercises, especially in Algebra I & Algebra II ones.

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