Type Black Hole badge
Energy point(s) awarded 250000
Status Unknown

Artemis is a Black Hole badge. To earn it, the user has to achieve mastery in a high number of skills (likely 1500 or more, and likely more than Atlas). This badge motivates members to become proficient by practicing more skills, especially Category:Math exercises. Currenty, there are not enough skills to earn this badge. Artemis gives 50,000 more energy points than Da Vinci but the user must complete two or three times as much content to achieve it. The badge can be found here on Khan Academy.

Similar badge(s)


  • Artemis gives the most number of energy points than any other badge on Khan Academy, with the exception of Is Sal which can only be earned by Salman Khan and gives 100,000,000 energy points when earned.
  • The badge is named after Artemis - the Greek virgin goddess of the hunt, the Moon, chastity, animals, and the wilderness. She and her twin brother Apollo, the god of the sun, are known as the "Twin Archers".

Quotes From Employees

Peter Collingridge has been quoted saying:

"[Artemis is] not currently possible to get. At some point Khan Academy will probably change what it's for to make it possible, but I think for now Khan Academy is keeping it impossible to keep people striving."

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