Apprentice Tutor
Apprentice Tutor
Tutor your students to master more than 100 skills
Type Moon badge
Energy point(s) awarded 0
Status Retired

Apprentice Tutor is a Moon badge. To earn it, the user had to be a Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member who joined the College Tutor Challenge and coached his/her students on Math until all of them could achieve mastery in any 100 exercises. This badge can be found here on Khan Academy.

About the College Tutor Challenge

  • Dates:
    • Deadline to enter: Aug 15, 2014
    • Challenge ends: Sep 12, 2014
    • Super Nova College Tutors selected and awarded: Sep 22, 2014
  • Start coaching now, with new students on Khan Academy!
  • Other coaches/tutors in this competition don't count. It's OK if user practices signing up himself/herself or other coaches in this competition as his/her student. But the progress he/she and his/her fellow competitors make will not be counted.
  • Every tutor needs to work with their own students. If a student is signed up to more than one tutor in the competition, their progress will only count for one tutor.
  • For the sake of this contest, completing a mission will mean mastering all of the exercises included in that mission as of June 19, 2014. Sometimes Khan Academy add new exercises to missions, but they won't be included in the calculation for this contest.

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