The Algebra basics Math Mission dashboard.

The Algebra basics Math Mission is a set of skills on Khan Academy. This mission consists of foundational material in Algebra that is necessary for success on more advanced algebra techniques.

Mission Specifics


  1. Ordering small negative numbers
  2. Rational numbers on the number line
  3. Subtracting negative numbers
  4. Multiplying and dividing negative numbers
  5. Finding absolute values
  6. Interpreting absolute value
  7. Whole number exponents with integer bases 2
  8. Square roots of perfect squares
  9. Simplifying square roots
  10. Simplifying square roots 2
  11. Adding and subtracting radicals
  12. Order of operations with negative numbers
  13. Adding and subtracting negative fractions
  14. Multiplying positive and negative fractions
  15. Dividing positive and negative fractions
  16. Ordering decimals
  17. Converting fractions to decimals
  18. Rewriting decimals as fractions 2
  19. Finding percents
  20. Percent word problems
  21. Adding decimals 2
  22. Subtracting decimals 2
  23. Multiplying decimals 3
  24. Dividing decimals 3
  25. Area of triangles
  26. Radius, diameter, and circumference
  27. Area of a circle

Algebraic expressions

  1. Evaluating expressions with two variables
  2. Evaluating expressions with variables word problems
  3. Writing expressions with variables
  4. Combining like terms with negative coefficients
  5. Combining like terms with distribution and negative numbers
  6. Manipulating basic expressions with rational coefficients
  7. Equivalent expressions with distribution and combining like terms
  8. Nested fractions

Linear equations and inequalities

  1. One-step equations with multiplication and division
  2. One-step equations with addition and subtraction
  3. Two-step equations
  4. Linear equation word problems
  5. Equation practice: summing integers
  6. Equations with variables on both sides
  7. Understanding the process for solving linear equations
  8. One-step inequalities
  9. Two-step inequalities
  10. Multi-step linear inequalities
  11. Interpreting and solving linear inequalities
  12. Writing proportions
  13. Solving proportions
  14. Solving proportions 2
  15. Proportion word problems
  16. Direct and inverse variation

Graphing lines and slope

  1. Graphing points and naming quadrants
  2. Checking solutions to two-variable linear equations
  3. Graphing solutions to two-variable linear equations
  4. Intercepts from a linear equation
  5. Intercepts from a graph
  6. Slope from a graph
  7. Slope from two solutions
  8. Slope intuition
  9. Graph from slope-intercept equation
  10. Slope-intercept equation from two solutions
  11. Inequality from graph
  12. Completing solutions of inequalities
  13. Graphing inequalities and checking solutions

Systems of equations

  1. Solving systems of equations graphically
  2. Solving systems of two linear equations

Expressions with exponents

  1. Positive and negative exponents
  2. Simplifying rational expressions with exponent properties
  3. Scientific notation intuition
  4. Scientific notation
  5. Multiplying and dividing scientific notation
  6. Computing in scientific notation

Quadratics and polynomials

  1. Factoring algebraic expressions using the distributive property
  2. Multiplying binomials 1
  3. Multiplying binomials 2
  4. Factoring quadratics 1
  5. Factoring quadratics 2
  6. Solving quadratics by factoring
  7. Solve factorable quadratic equations (leading coefficient is other than 1)
  8. Adding and subtracting polynomials

Equations and geometry

  1. Triangle angles 1
  2. Determine whether triangles are similar using the AA criterion
  3. Determine whether triangles are similar using the SSS criterion
  4. Solving similar triangles 1
  5. Solving similar triangles 2
  6. Pythagorean theorem

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