The Algebra I Math Mission is a set of skills on Khan Academy. This mission consists of foundational material and then proceeds into many topics.
Algebra I

The Algebra I Dashboard on Khan Academy

Mission Specifics

Mission Foundations

  1. Whole number exponents with integer bases 2
  2. Approximating square roots
  3. Distributive property
  4. Identifying terms, factors, and coefficients in expressions
  5. Basic rate problems
  6. Multi-step rational number word problems
  7. Order of operations
  8. Units
  9. Writing inequalities to describe real-world situations
  10. Dividing fractions word problems
  11. Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators word problems
  12. Dividing decimals 3
  13. Adding decimals 2
  14. Subtracting decimals 2

Introduction to algebra

  1. Evaluating expressions in one variable
  2. Evaluating expressions with two variables
  3. Evaluating expressions with variables word problems
  4. Combining like terms with negative coefficients
  5. Combining like terms with distribution and negative numbers
  6. Manipulating basic expressions with rational coefficients
  7. Equivalent expressions with distribution and combining like terms
  8. Writing expressions with variables
  9. Writing expressions with variables and parentheses
  10. Interpreting linear expressions
  11. Nested fractions
  12. Dependent and independent variables
  13. Defining appropriate units

One-variable linear equations

  1. One step equation intuition
  2. One-step equations with multiplication
  3. One-step equations with addition and subtraction
  4. Two-step equations
  5. Linear equation word problems
  6. Equations with variables on both sides
  7. Understanding the process for solving linear equations
  8. Linear equations with one, zero, or infinite solutions
  9. Solving equations in terms of a variable
  10. Manipulating formulas
  11. Converting 1-digit repeating decimals to fractions
  12. Converting multi-digit repeating decimals to fractions
  13. Age word problems
  14. Absolute value equations
  15. Equations with parentheses
  16. Evaluate expressions with unknown variables (basic)
  17. Evaluate expressions with unknown variables (advanced)
  18. Equation practice: summing integers

One-variable linear inequalities

  1. One-step inequalities
  2. Two-step inequalities
  3. Multi-step linear inequalities
  4. Interpreting and solving linear inequalities
  5. Compound inequalities
  6. Structure in expressions 1
  7. Interpreting the structure of expressions

Units of measurement in modeling

  1. Units
  2. Working with units algebraically
  3. Measurement precision

Two-variable linear equations and introduction to functions

  1. Checking solutions to two-variable linear equations
  2. Graphing solutions to two-variable linear equations
  3. Intercepts from a graph
  4. Intercepts from a table
  5. Intercepts from a linear equation
  6. Slope intuition
  7. Slope from a graph
  8. Slope from two solutions
  9. Slope from an equation in slope-intercept form
  10. Graph from slope-intercept equation
  11. Slope-intercept equation from a graph
  12. Slope-intercept equation from two solutions
  13. Point-slope form
  14. Graph from a standard form equation
  15. Slope from an equation in standard form
  16. Converting between slope-intercept and standard form
  17. Writing the equation of a line in any form
  18. Evaluating functions
  19. Evaluating function expressions
  20. Matching inputs to function outputs
  21. Views of a function
  22. Writing function rules from equations
  23. Interpreting linear tables word problems
  24. Interpreting linear graphs word problems
  25. Interpreting linear formulas word problems
  26. Comparing linear functions
  27. Comparing linear functions word problems
  28. Graphing linear functions word problems
  29. Constructing linear functions word problems
  30. Linear models word problems
  31. Distinguish between linear and exponential models


  1. Evaluating functions
  2. Evaluating function expressions
  3. Matching inputs to function outputs
  4. Views of a function
  5. Writing function rules from equations
  6. Domain and range from graph
  7. Domain of algebraic functions
  8. Domain of modeling functions
  9. Recognizing functions from graphs
  10. Recognizing functions from tables
  11. Evaluating piecewise functions
  12. Graphs of piecewise linear functions
  13. Domain and range of piecewise functions
  14. Recognizing maxima and minima
  15. Positive and negative intervals
  16. Increasing and decreasing intervals
  17. Interpreting graphs word problems
  18. Finding average rate of change
  19. Average rate of change word problems
  20. Find inverses of polynomial, radical, and rational functions


  1. Evaluating sequences in recursive form
  2. Find the next term of an arithmetic sequence, given the first few terms
  3. Find any term of an arithmetic sequence, given the formula of the sequence
  4. Explicit formulas for arithmetic sequences
  5. Recursive formulas for arithmetic sequences
  6. Evaluating geometric sequences 1
  7. Evaluating geometric sequences 2
  8. Explicit formulas for geometric sequences
  9. Find recursive formulas for geometric sequences
  10. Modeling with sequences

Systems of linear equations

  1. Checking solutions to systems of equations
  2. Solving systems of equations graphically
  3. Solving systems of linear equations with elimination 1
  4. Solving systems of linear equations with elimination 2
  5. Solving systems of linear equations with substitution
  6. Analyze solutions to linear systems graphically
  7. Systems with one, zero, or infinite solutions
  8. Solving systems of two linear equations
  9. Systems of linear equations word problems

Two-variable linear inequalities

  1. Checking solutions of two-variable linear inequalities
  2. Checking solutions to two-variable linear inequalities
  3. Completing solutions of inequalities
  4. Inequality from graph
  5. Graphing inequalities and checking solutions
  6. Checking solutions of systems of inequalities
  7. Completing solutions of systems of inequalities
  8. Graphing systems of inequalities and checking solutions
  9. Two-variable linear inequalities word problems
  10. Systems of linear inequalities word problems

Absolute-value equations, functions, and inequalities

  1. Absolute value equations

Multiplying and factoring expressions

  1. Multiplying binomials 1
  2. Multiplying binomials 2
  3. Factoring with the distributive property
  4. Factoring quadratics 1
  5. Factoring quadratics 2
  6. Factoring polynomials by grouping
  7. Factoring quadratics with two variables
  8. Adding and subtracting polynomials
  9. Multiplying polynomials

Quadratic equations and functions

  1. Solving quadratics by taking the square root
  2. Understanding the process for solving quadratic equations
  3. Solving quadratics by factoring
  4. Solve factorable quadratic equations (leading coefficient is other than 1)
  5. Completing the square in quadratic expressions
  6. Solving quadratics by completing the square 1
  7. Solving quadratics by completing the square 2
  8. Solve quadratic equations using the quadratic formula
  9. Find features of quadratic functions
  10. Finding and interpreting key feature of quadratics
  11. Vertex of a parabola
  12. Graphing parabolas in standard form
  13. Parabola intuition 1
  14. Graphing parabolas in vertex form
  15. Graphing parabolas in all forms

Expressions with rational exponents and radicals

  1. Positive and negative exponents
  2. Properties of exponents
  3. Using exponent rules to evaluate expressions
  4. Simplifying rational expressions with exponent properties
  5. Simplifying expressions with exponents
  6. Understanding fractional exponents
  7. Manipulating fractional exponents
  8. Fractional exponents
  9. Fractional exponents 2
  10. Simplifying square roots
  11. Simplifying square roots 2
  12. Adding and subtracting radicals
  13. Radical equations
  14. Extraneous solutions to radical equations
  15. Single-step simplification of radical expressions
  16. Multi-step simplification of rational exponent expressions

Rational and irrational numbers

  1. Recognizing rational and irrational numbers
  2. Recognizing rational and irrational expressions

Introduction to polynomials and quadratic factorization

  1. Factoring perfect squares
  2. Adding and subtracting polynomials with two variables
  3. Factor monomials


  1. Algebra 1 warmup

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