The 7th grade (U.S.) Math Mission is a set of skills on Khan Academy. This mission consists of foundational material and then proceeds into intensify students' previous knowledge of operations with numbers, familiarizing them with variable usage, and increases their knowledge in geometry and statistics, including some more advanced probability ideas.
7th Grade U.S.

The 7th grade (U.S.) Math Mission dashboard

Mission Specifics

Mission Foundations

  1. Surface area using nets
  2. Dividing decimals 4
  3. One-step equations with addition and subtraction
  4. Equivalent expressions with distribution and combining like terms
  5. Volume word problems with fractions and decimals
  6. Basic rate problems
  7. Negative numbers on the number line
  8. Multiplying decimals 3
  9. Inequalities on a number line
  10. Identifying terms, factors, and coefficients in expressions
  11. Dividing fractions word problems
  12. Interpreting absolute value
  13. Division by 2 digits
  14. Subtracting fractions with unlike denominators
  15. Evaluating expressions with variables word problems
  16. Statistical questions
  17. Exponents
  18. Multi-digit multiplication
  19. Writing basic algebraic expressions word problems
  20. Percent word problems
  21. Order of operations
  22. Multiplying fractions by fractions word problems
  23. Adding fractions with unlike denominators
  24. Coordinate plane problems in all four quadrants

Negative numbers: addition and subtraction

  1. Signs of sums
  2. Adding negative numbers intro
  3. Subtracting negative numbers intro
  4. Integer addition and subtraction
  5. Integer addition and subtraction: find the missing value
  6. Adding negative numbers on the number line
  7. Integer addition and subtraction: equations and number lines
  8. Integer addition and subtraction: number line interpretation
  9. Adding and subtracting negative fractions
  10. Negative number addition and subtraction: word problems
  11. Negative number addition and subtraction: interpretation problems
  12. Absolute value to find distance
  13. Absolute value to find distance 2
  14. Negative number addition and subtraction: equivalent expressions
  15. Integer addition and subtraction with substitution
  16. Understanding negative number addition and subtraction with variables

Negative numbers: multiplication and division

  1. Multiplying and dividing negative numbers
  2. Multiplying and dividing negative numbers: word problems
  3. Multiplying positive and negative fractions
  4. Dividing positive and negative fractions
  5. Negative signs in numerators and denominators
  6. Dividing mixed numbers
  7. Simplifying hairy fractions
  8. Whole number exponents with integer bases
  9. Exponents with negative fractional bases
  10. Signs of products and quotients
  11. Dividing by zero
  12. Order of operations with negative numbers
  13. Negative number multiplication and division: equivalent expressions

Fractions, decimals, and percentages

  1. Rewriting decimals as fractions
  2. Rewriting decimals as fractions 2
  3. Converting fractions to decimals
  4. Comparing rational numbers
  5. Adding and subtracting negative fractions, decimals, and percents
  6. Discount, tax, and tip word problems
  7. Markup and commission word problems
  8. Multi-step rational number word problems

Rates and proportional relationships

  1. Rate problems with fractions
  2. Identifying proportional relationships
  3. Identifying proportional relationships with graphs
  4. Writing proportions
  5. Solving proportions
  6. Solving proportions 2
  7. Proportion word problems
  8. Writing proportional equations
  9. Interpreting graphs of proportional relationships

Expressions, equations, and inequalities

  1. Combining like terms with negative coefficients
  2. Combining like terms with distribution and negative numbers
  3. Manipulating basic expressions with rational coefficients
  4. Factoring with the distributive property
  5. Equivalent expressions with negative numbers and the distributive property
  6. Interpreting linear expressions
  7. Two-step equations
  8. Two-step equations with decimals and fractions
  9. Find the mistake in solving two-step equations
  10. Linear equation word problems
  11. One-step inequalities
  12. Two-step inequalities
  13. Interpreting and solving linear inequalities


  1. Measuring segments
  2. Congruent segments
  3. Interpreting scale drawings
  4. Constructing scale drawings
  5. Radius, diameter, and circumference
  6. Area of a circle
  7. Area and circumference of circles
  8. Area, volume, and surface area
  9. Name angles
  10. Identifying supplementary, complementary, and vertical angles
  11. Complementary and supplementary angles
  12. Vertical angles
  13. Solving for unknown angles
  14. Quadrilateral angles
  15. Constructing triangles
  16. Constructing 2D figures
  17. Slicing 3D figures

Statistics and probability

  1. Simple probability
  2. Experimental probability
  3. Comparing probabilities
  4. Making predictions with probability
  5. Probability models
  6. Sample spaces for compound events
  7. Probability of rolling dice
  8. Probabilities of compound events
  9. The counting principle
  10. Valid claims
  11. Making inferences from random samples
  12. Comparing populations

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