The 6th Grade (U.S.) Math Mission is a set of skills on Khan Academy. This mission consists of foundational material and then proceeds into ratios, operations on positive rational numbers, concepts with negative numbers, Least Common Multiple (LCM) and Greatest Common Factor (GCF), the coordinate plane, area formulas, familiarity with variables and expressions and finally data summary and display.
6th Grade U.S.

The 6th grade (U.S.) Math Mission dashboard

Mission Specifics

Mission Foundations

  1. Factor pairs
  2. Subtracting decimals
  3. Volume word problems
  4. Adding decimals 1
  5. Multi-digit multiplication
  6. Graphing points
  7. Dividing decimals 3
  8. Multiplying decimals 2
  9. Properties of shapes
  10. Decompose shapes to find area
  11. Multiplying fractions by whole numbers
  12. Finding perimeter
  13. Evaluating expressions with parentheses
  14. Converting units word problems (metric)
  15. Understanding moving the decimal
  16. Ordering decimals
  17. Fractions as division by a multiple of 10
  18. Regrouping whole numbers

Ratios, rates, and percentages

  1. Basic ratios
  2. Solving ratio problems with tables
  3. Ratio word problems
  4. Basic rate problems
  5. Comparing rates
  6. Converting between fractions and percents
  7. Converting decimals to percents
  8. Converting percents to decimals
  9. Finding percents
  10. Percent word problems

Arithmetic operations

  1. Adding decimals 2
  2. Subtracting decimals 2
  3. Adding and subtracting decimals word problems
  4. Multiplying decimals 3
  5. Multi-digit division
  6. Dividing decimals 4
  7. Dividing fractions
  8. Dividing fractions word problems
  9. Exponents
  10. Powers of fractions
  11. Order of operations
  12. Order of operations 2

Negative numbers

  1. Interpreting negative numbers
  2. Negative numbers on the number line
  3. Negative numbers on the number line without reference to zero
  4. Decimals on the number line 3
  5. Rational numbers on the number line
  6. Number opposites
  7. Number opposites 2
  8. Comparing positive and negative numbers on the number line
  9. Writing numerical inequalities
  10. Ordering small negative numbers
  11. Ordering rational numbers
  12. Finding absolute values
  13. Comparing absolute values
  14. Comparing absolute values 2
  15. Interpreting absolute value
  16. Points on the coordinate plane
  17. Graphing points and naming quadrants
  18. Distance between points on the coordinate plane
  19. Coordinate plane problems in all four quadrants
  20. Reflecting points on the coordinate plane

Properties of numbers

  1. Least common multiple
  2. Greatest common factor
  3. GCF and LCM word problems

Variables and expressions introduction

  1. Evaluating expressions in one variable
  2. Evaluating expressions with two variables
  3. Evaluating expressions in two variables 2
  4. Evaluating expressions with variables word problems
  5. Expression value intuition
  6. Identifying terms, factors, and coefficients in expressions
  7. Writing basic expressions with variables
  8. Writing expressions with variables
  9. Writing expressions with variables and parentheses
  10. Writing basic algebraic expressions word problems
  11. Writing basic algebraic expressions word problems 2
  12. Distributive property
  13. Distributive property with variables
  14. Combining like terms
  15. Combining like terms with distribution
  16. Equivalent expressions with distribution and combining like terms

Equations and inequalities introduction

  1. Testing solutions of equations
  2. One step equation intuition
  3. One-step equations with addition and subtraction
  4. One-step equations with multiplication
  5. Find the mistake in solving one-step equations
  6. One-step equations with addition and subtraction 2
  7. One-step equations with multiplication and division 2
  8. Testing solutions of inequalities
  9. Inequalities on a number line
  10. Writing inequalities to describe real-world situations
  11. Dependent and independent variables


  1. Area challenge
  2. Area of triangles
  3. Area of triangles 2
  4. Area of parallelograms
  5. Area of trapezoids, rhombi, and kites
  6. Finding area by composing and decomposing shapes
  7. Area of quadrilaterals and polygons
  8. Volume with fractions
  9. Volume with unit cubes 2
  10. Volume word problems with fractions and decimals
  11. Nets of 3D figures
  12. Surface area using nets
  13. Surface area
  14. Rectangles on the coordinate plane
  15. Drawing polygons
  16. Drawing polygons 2

Data and statistics

  1. Data set warm-up
  2. Creating frequency tables
  3. Creating dot plots
  4. Reading dot plots and frequency tables
  5. Statistical questions
  6. Creating histograms
  7. Reading histograms
  8. Calculating the mean
  9. Calculating the mean from data displays
  10. Find a missing value given the mean
  11. Calculating the median
  12. Calculating the median from data displays
  13. Median and range puzzlers
  14. Exploring mean and median
  15. Reading box plots
  16. Creating box plots
  17. Creating box plots 2
  18. Interpreting quartiles
  19. Calculating the interquartile range (IQR)
  20. Calculating the mean absolute deviation (MAD)
  21. Shape of distributions
  22. Clusters, gaps, peaks, and outliers

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